Scale:  HO

Era:  1995-1997

Key Features:

  • Represents a terminal switching operation in the St. Louis Metro area and includes BNSF, UP, CSX, Conrail, NS trains
  • The mainline is approximately 500 feet on a single level
  • Branch line on a lower level
  • Dispatching is Compute controlled CTC signaling.
  • Digitrax radio control throttles
  • Point to point operation with staging at each end to represent St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago
  • Car Forwarding System is Car Cards and waybills
  • 12 Operators: Dispatcher, Madison Yardmaster & helper, North St. Louis Yardmaster, 12th St Yardmaster, Tower Grove Industrial area Local, Granite City Steel Local. East St. Louis Local and 5 mainline pool spots


  • 90% complete.
  • Many large structures

Began construction: 2005    Operating Sessions Started:  2008

Owner:  John Schindler

Pets: John has a dog

Accessibility:  Basement layout with access via stairs. Nice wide aisles

Other Notes:  Three yards working yards, three staging areas, large amount of industrial/business switching, bridge traffic and functioning CTC control. 

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