Scale:  HO

Era:  1970

Key Features:

  • Subsidiary of CB&Q and NP. Central Division of IP - Moweaqua, Il./ Manly, IA/ St. Louis to Kansas City, MO
  • 420 feet single track mainline point to point with shared staging
  • Working hump yard, with 6 arrival / departure tracks
  • 43 feet of branch line with two towns
  • CTC control, radio communication
  • Digitrax with block detectors for signal and switch control from CTC board
  • Car forwarding by four part waybill and car cars. Cars classified in hump yard by switch list
  • 8 operators


  • 20% complete.
  • Painted mural with painted and pasted backdrops
  • Numerous industry buildings including chemical plant, animal feed mill, cement plant, farm service industries, printing companies, appliance manufactory, shingle plant, plastic plant, several distribution companies, produce distributors, lumber company, flour mill, and brewery

Began construction: 2013    Operating Sessions Started:  July 2014

Owner:  Terry Gilmore 

Pets: Terry has no pets

Accessibility:  Street parking basement stairs access.

Other Notes:  

  • Crew Positions:  Dispatcher, General yard master, hump master, outpost yardmaster, 6 Road Engineers/Conductors.
  • Layout Features:  20 trains operating during op session with 3 local switching jobs. Up to 18 staging to staging trains some with intermediate switching. Radio communications