Scale:  HO                  

Era:  1970

Key Features:

  • 600 ft single track main line in double deck walk around configuration
    • From Walton to Dodge City, Kansas via Halstead, Kansas
    • Eight passing sidings and shared staging
    • Double tracked, 8 layer, exposed and scenic helix
    • Fully signaled with dispatcher controlled allocation of track via point and click track board on a computer screen
    • Four cameras to monitor hidden staging
    • Six staging tracks support eight 15 ft trains and six 9 ft trains
  • Locals operate as turns and freight traffic has an emphasis on grain
  • Passenger service is pre-Amtrak: Super Chief, El Capitan, and Fast Mail
  • Digitrax DCC (IR, Simplex, Duplex) and JMRI Panel Pro.
  • JMRI Operations Pro for car forwarding
  • Communications: 7 station cordless telephone
  • 7: Division Traffic Manager, Newton Dispatcher, Sand Creek Yard Master, Assistants, Engineers and Conductors


  • Basic 70%, Detail 5%, foam & building paper main layer. Paint, Sculptamold and static grass
  • Backdrop is painted masonite, hand painted clouds, cutout appliques
  • Structures are Kits, kits bashed and scratch

Began construction: “A long time ago” Operating Sessions Started:  2015

Owner:  Jay Janzen

Pets: Jay has no pets

Accessibility:  Basement layout with stairs, not handicapped accessible, one tight (18") aisle

Other Notes: Website:

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